Birds Eye Collection

This lovely collection is inspired by the Dutch landscape as seen from a bird’s eye view:

City at night portrays the Netherlands’ illuminated network of roads through its interplay of lines.

The Netherlands lives with water; this is visible in Lake’s design:
a chain of rivers, canals and lakes.

Approximately half of the Netherlands consists of grassland surrounded by small channels and hedgerows.
A considerable area, which is reflected in the pattern of Meadow.

The unique designs will transform every floor into a showpiece. The Birds Eye Collection can be laid random, allowing you to experiment with the patterns as you like. Belakos Flooring makes use of outstanding quality Colour Point machines for clear lines, textures and shapes in vivid colours. Besides this, the machines guarantee improved production sustainability.

The carpet tiles from the Birds Eye Collection are part of our Resistanz collection. The qualities of the Resistanz Collection are made from Solution Dyed Nylon yarn. This unique yarn ensures that the carpet tiles are 100% UV-resistant, 100% maintenance friendly and 100% bleach proof. In addition to the above, the polyamide fibres used in the Resistanz Collection are anti-static and dirt-repellent on account of their shape. Thanks to all these features, the carpet tiles stand a good deal. Common cleaning agents do not affect either the colour or the fibre; even when treated with aggressive substances like bleach. As a result, this collection is very suitable for the hospitality sector.

Allow yourself to be convinced of the beauty and practical features of this special Birds Eye Collection and contact us for more information.