Maintenance recommendations for carpets

Every floor requires maintenance, whether it needs to be mopped, swept or vacuumed. As for carpets it is important to regularly vacuum in order to remove dust and dirt and lift the carpet pile. Besides daily maintenance, we recommend to give the carpet a thorough cleaning every now and then. Click this link to display detailed maintenance recommendations.

Three rules of thumb for keeping your carpet in top condition:

  • make sure no dirt from outside is carried in
  • regularly vacuum the carpet thoroughly
  • remove stains straight away

In addition, a carpet needs major maintenance every now and then. The necessary frequency depends on how intensively the carpet is used, but once every 2 to 3 years is usually sufficient. We recommend that you leave periodical cleaning to an expert.

Maintenance recommendations for Resistanz carpet

The daily and periodical maintenance of Resistanz carpets is equal to that of an ordinary carpet. Stains in Resistanz carpets (Solution Dyed Nylon yarn) can be tackled in a slightly different way due to the special composition of the threads. Click here to download the maintenance recommendations especially for Resistanz carpets.