Custom-designed carpets

Belakos has countless years of experience in the production of custom-designed carpets. Whether you are looking for wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet tiles or rugs, you can combine the colours of your choice to create a fully customised design.

Solution Dyed Nylon yarn

Our custom-made designer carpets are made from the best yarns from the Resistanz collection. Resistanz lives up to its name: it is resistant against exterior influences, which considerably extends the carpet’s life. The special polyamide fibre used in the Solution Dyed line has a number of unique properties.

First of all, this elastic fibre makes Resistanz carpets strong, as well as light and colour-fast. Will you be putting the carpet in a sunny room? Resistanz is your perfect choice! Discolouration of this unique carpet caused by exposure to sunlight is simply impossible. Because laying multiple strips of Resistanz carpeting adjacent to one another will not produce the slightest difference in colour you can be assured of 100% colour uniformity.

In addition to the above, Resistanz’s strong polyamide fibres are anti-static and dirt-repellent on account of their shape. Thanks to all these features, this robust carpet will remain beautiful for many years. Cleaning products have no effect on the colours or the fibres, even when treated with aggressive substances like chlorine.

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If you are you looking for a unique and extremely strong floor for your office, hotel, restaurant, river cruise ship or other project you can be assured of finding a reliable partner in Belakos!

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