Carpet, area rug or rug.

They may be different names for exactly the same item, but with Belakos you have a world of options.

Here are some of them:

  • Always warm feet
  • A rich, luxury feel
  • Noise reduction
  • Ideal surface for kids to play on

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There’s even more choice when it comes to edge finishes. Belakos offers different styles of stitching and seaming techniques.

Home – serging
The edges of the rug are finished in a matching coloured thread. The corners are always slightly rounded. Serging is an edge finish that is suitable for all  kinds of carpeting.

Comfort –  finished with budget finish binding tape
The edges of the rug are finished with a strip of binding tape 1cm wide. With the exception of extremely high pile rugs, binding tape is suitable for all types of carpet.

Superior – volume rug with felted backing/anti-skid
The edges of a volume rug are folded to the underside, which is made thicker with an anti-slip foam layer (carpet underlay, rubber or felt). A volume rug is not suitable for all carpet qualities. This finish works best for high pile carpet.

Excellent – blind binding 
Blind binding is a stylish finish that is long-lasting and has luxury appeal. The rug is edged with a strip of binding tape in a matching colour, that is barely visible.




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