Would you like to cover only part of your floor with carpeting? If so, we recommend an area rug on a hard floor.

Area rugs are available all sorts of sizes from the full range of Belakos carpets. The various sorts of finishes and materials give each rug its own distinctive allure.

Edge finishing

Area rugs can be delivered with various stitching and/or seaming techniques. Belakos Flooring rugs are available in the following finishes:

  • Comfort rug – finished with budget finish binding tape
    The edges of your area rug will be finished with a strip of binding tape 1 cm wide. Binding is possible for every type of carpet, with the exception of extremely high pile carpeting.
  • Superior rug – volume rug with felted backing/anti-skid
    The edges of a volume area rug are folded towards the back and the back is made thicker with a layer of foam that prevents skidding (underlay, rubber or felt). However, a volume rug cannot be made from all qualities of carpeting. The most suitable for this type of finish are high pile carpets.
  • Excellent rug – blind binding
    Blind binding is a stylish finish with luxury appeal and a durable result. The carpet is provided with a subtle strip of suede binding tape along the edges in a matching colour that is barely visible at all.