LVT: maintenance-free and luxurious

More and more people choose an LVT floor. No surprise, because with this unique product you bring the luxury and atmosphere of a wooden floor into your home, without any associated maintenance. LVT floors from Belakos are waterproof, dirt-repellent, wear-resistant and very durable and they comply with the strict environmental and health standards of the European Union.

All products have the A+ label and meet the E1 standard for formaldehyde emissions. The unique wood patterns on the planks, in super-sharp prints, give the floor the ‘look & feel’ of a genuine natural product. It has a warm look. Maintenance is easy. In addition to the intimate look and easy maintenance, an LVT floor also contributes to pleasurable living at another level: the floor planks are soundabsorbing. There is no need to go through the house wearing socks. You can wear shoes with heels without any problems. The sound you hear is soft and pleasant.

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Samples can be requested from Belakos of our dealer points. But of course you prefer to see the floor on a large surface. Pictures of many colors are already available. These photos can be found at:

Installation advice Belakos LVT

Maintenance advice Belakos LVT

Belakos LVT floors are known for their high quality, sturdiness and beauty. To retain the attractiveness of your floor, we recommend the use of soft chair caps and wheels, Scratchnomore and doormats. In addition to this, it is advisable that you maintain your floor properly, for which Belakos recommends the use of James maintenance products. Read here which products you can use to keep your Belakos floor in tiptop condition, and how to use them. 

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