Installation advice Dryback LVT flooring

1. Storage and shipping
Make sure that all materials are stored and transported on a level and sturdy surface, laid flat and in neat stacks. Materials should not be stored in extremely cold (temperatures below 2°C) or hot (temperatures above 40 °C) spaces, or damp environments.

2. Prior to installation
Inspect the product: Do the colours match those you ordered; are the quantities correct and is there no visible damage to the packaging? While laying the floor, check for any visible defects and do not use any planks or tiles that show imperfections.

Acclimatisation: To prevent warping, allow your LVT floor to acclimatise by laying the strips on the floor at room temperature for 24 hours. Remove the planks or tiles from their packaging and stack them in low, straight stacks, away from heating or cooling elements, or windows through which direct sunlight enters the room.

Underfloor heating: If you have underfloor heating make sure that the underfloor heating is off for 24 hours before and up to 72 hours after the installation of your new floor. After laying the floor, be sure to observe the start-up protocol!

Subfloor: The type of subfloor, its quality and any pre-treatment will have a major impact on the final result. To avoid irregularities in the LVT floor, the substrate must be clean and flat, free of dust, permanently dry and normally porous. Each type of subfloor requires a special treatment to make the floor flat, smooth and stable before installing LVT floors.

Levelling: To level the subfloor we recommend the use of Uzin products.

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