Installation advice Belakos Rigid LVT

1. Storage and shipping
Make sure that all materials are stored and transported on a level and sturdy surface, laid flat and in neat stacks. Materials should not be stored in extremely cold (temperatures below 2°C) or hot (temperatures above 40°C) conditions or damp environments.

2. Prior to installation
Inspect the product: Do the colours match those you ordered; are the quantities correct and is there no visible damage to the packaging?
Acclimatisation: Acclimatisation is not necessary, but the ambient temperature of your job site should be between 18°C and 25°C.
Underfloor heating: If you have underfloor heating, ensure that the floor temperature is between 18°C and 25°C. If you are laying the floor in winter, make sure that the heating system is set to a low temperature from 72 hours before to 72 hours after the installation of your new floor. After laying the floor, be sure to observe the start-up protocol (see Point 5)!

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