Maintenance recommendations for LVT

The LVT floors from Belakos are scratch-proof and durable but naturally no floor is 100% resistant to damage. That’s why we always recommend treating each floor with care and keeping it properly clean. Then it will stay in top condition for years!

Prevention is better than the cure!

• Use a coconut mat at the door, so most (rough) street dirt remains outside.
• Use a dry mat inside. This helps prevent the ‘stamping’ of wet feet.
• Using mats both outside and inside can reduce some 75% of dirt from ‘walking in’ the door!

Tips to keep your floor clean:

• Regularly remove dust and (street) dirt with a broom or vacuum.
• Use a soft attachment, specially made for hard floors, when vacuuming. Not only does it make vacuuming easier, but it is also less noisy and is less likely to scratch.
• Regularly clean the wheels of the vacuum to prevent little stones or sharp dirt damaging the floor.
• A dust-buster is ideal for quickly cleaning a small surface area in between regular cleaning.
• In addition to mops used for wet cleaning, many wiping systems such as Leifheit, for example, also have wiper covers to dry the floor. These are used to quickly remove sand, pet hair and other dirt from large surface areas. Handy when you have unexpected visitors!
• Don’t use a mop that’s too wet and don’t leave puddles of water on the floor.
• Let the floor dry before walking on it.
• Use a cleaning agent that is especially suited for LVT.
• Heel marks and ink are easy to remove with an eraser. Don’t use any aggressive agents such as acetone (nail polish remover), because this can leave dull areas.
• Use microfibre cloths. These cloths are made of fibres with very fine threads and they are very light. Cleaning is done easier and more quickly with microfibre cloths, because microfibres are softer and have smaller pores than normal textiles.
• An all-in-one cleaner is less suited for cleaning LVT. A sticky layer can remain and the floor is not optimally cleaned.
• If you have any doubt about whether a cleaning agent is suitable, first try it out in a spot that is not obvious, for example, under a bench or in a corner.

Tips to keep your floor in fine shape for years to come:

• Be careful with stiletto heels.
• Avoid overexposure to the sun; the sun can discolour or fade a floor. Use roller shutters or shades when the sun shines into the house.
• Hot/warm objects such as matches, cigarettes and pots can damage your LVT.
• We recommend you put felt protectors on chair and table legs. Not only do felt protectors prevent furniture from scraping across the floor, but they also have a sound-proofing quality. Regularly replace the felt protectors; over time, they become worn and dirt can then get under them.