Maintenance advice for Belakos LVT flooring

Belakos LVT floors are known for their high quality, sturdiness and beauty. To retain the attractiveness of your floor, we recommend the use of soft chair caps and wheels, Scratchnomore and doormats. In addition to this, it is advisable that you maintain your floor properly, for which Belakos recommends the use of James maintenance products. Read below which products you can use to keep your Belakos floor in tiptop condition, and how to use them.

Everyday maintenance
A large part of the normal dirt intake can be avoided by using entrance mats. Regular cleaning of these mats is necessary, vacuum or beat them weekly. Make sure that you remove sand and dust several times a week, if necessary daily, with a vacuum cleaner or wiper. Sand is the main cause of damage to any type of floor covering, including LVT. Scratches or stripes may occur in the floor, which will spoil the appearance.

Mop your floor as required, but at least once every 1 to 2 weeks. Of course, this can be done more often if you wish. This will not hurt or produce a negative effect on your floor if you use the right cleaning products.

You can mop the floor with one of the James quality products for LVT:

Each of these PVC cleaners has unique properties to suit your personal needs. Would you like personalised maintenance advice? Use the James Buying Guide for advice tailored to your floor and your wishes.

Periodic maintenance
After some time and depending your frequency of use, it will be necessary to clean your floor more thoroughly. After all, more and more dirt will accumulate in the grooves of your floor as time passes, particularly if your floor has a textured surface. At a given point in time, your floor will no longer look completely clean. In some cases, this may not be entirely noticeable, but it is still advisable to thoroughly clean your floor once every three to six months, for example. You can do this with the following product:

This product is not intended for daily or weekly mopping. James Basic Cleaner is suitable for periodic use. This product is better able to remove stubborn dirt, after which you can start mopping your floor again with the everyday cleaning agent of your choice.

Extra protection
You can extend the life of the floor by giving it a layer of protective coating. You can choose one of the following products for this:

Stain removal
All stains that cannot be removed by mopping or a wet cloth, such as paint, cosmetics (e.g. nail polish), glue, felt-tip pen, ballpoint pen, grease, oil and varnish, as well as scuff marks from shoes, can be removed using this stain remover. The right product to remove stains from the LVT floor:

Read here how best to use James Remover. Local cleaning (such as stain removal) may cause a temporary difference in shine. Follow-up treatment with water and regular maintenance will diminish this in time, so that it will hardly be noticeable anymore.

Instructions for use:
When using the James Buying Guide on you will receive instructions telling you how to use the products listed above which meet your requirements. This means that you will always understand precisely how to use the products of your choice.
James products are only available through, at better home furnishing shops or from specialist retailers.

Machine cleaning
Read here how and with which products you can clean your Belakos LVT floor with a scrubbing/drying machine.

This maintenance advice applies to all our LVT floors. Belakos cannot be held responsible for the consequences of improper use of this maintenance advice and the recommended products.