Maintenance advice Belakos LVT in projects

Belakos PVC floors are known for their high quality, sturdiness and beauty. To retain the attractiveness of your floor, we recommend the use of soft chair caps and wheels, Scratchnomore and doormats. In addition to this, it is advisable that you maintain your floor properly, for which Belakos recommends the use of James maintenance products. Belakos floors have been tested in laboratories for cleaning, maintenance and stain removal using James products. Below, you will find a detailed description for ideal maintenance in combination with a scrubber dryer machine. Please note the products also work perfectly without a scrubber dryer.

Step 1, after installation: deep, thorough cleaning
It is important to thoroughly clean the floor after installation, before taking it into use. Matters such as general soiling at a construction site, sweat and skin fats from the installers must be thoroughly removed. This prevents problems with maintenance and cleaning at a later stage. Do this with James Basic Cleaner, ideal for a job like this and perfect for use in combination with a scrubber dryer. Rinse thoroughly with clean water using the scrubber drier and let the floor dry completely.

Step 2, after deep cleaning: protection
Extending the service life and facilitating maintenance are the most important arguments for applying an extra protective layer. This is best done with James Extra Matt. Apply using a wax distributor, apply the second layer crosswise after intermediate drying.
These additional protective layers can remain in place until it no longer looks satisfactory. Removable at all times using James Basic Cleaner, no professional assistance required.

Step 3: daily cleaning
Daily cleaning involves cleaning the floor with a scrubber dryer. The ideal product to use is James Vinyl & PVC cleaner Clean & Quick dry. Also perfect for use with a scrubber dryer and cannot cause streaks or stains as it leaves no residue on the floor. The floor dries very quickly and is pleasantly fragranced.

Step 4: stain removal
Should stains arise that cannot be removed through daily cleaning, then James Remover is the right product of choice. Tough stains like shoe markings, chewing gum, tar, cosmetics and paint can be safely removed without damaging the floor. James Remover has been specially developed for hard floors.

Questions? Check or call the James Stainline: +31 77 327 8008.

We wish you many pleasant years of enjoyment!