Stainmaster® is the king of carpets. The luxurious, colour fast carpets are stain, dirt and wear resistant, but also simply: extremely soft to your feet.

For production of this collection every effort is being untertaken to retain long-term appearance.  As with all Resistanz carpets the basis are strong, resilient polyamide fibers. With this difference, that  Stainmaster® carpets undergo an additional treatment. During the production proces the fibers get a durable, environment friendly coating. This special treatment is a preventive measure, which ensures stains and soiling  – two different things – getting no chance.  Stains refer to ‘fresh dirt’ of for example mud, spilled food or drinks. Soiling is something that will definitely occur after a longer period by daily use of the carpet only. However Stainmaster® is different. The protective coating of Stainmaster® protects against stains as well as persistent soiling.

Stainmaster® carpets still have another advantage: they have been made from 6.6 solution dyed polyamide. This polyamide is known as the most reliable and wear resistant yarn ever.

The quality Montana belongs to the Stainmaster® collection.