The revamped Gemini

The Gemini is a well-known quality in the Belakos collection. A fixed value with many applications. For residential and commercial use; hotels, shops, offices, showrooms etc. Indestructible even after many years, as it is produced from our RESISTANZ (Solution Dyed Nylon) yarn.

To make it completely up-to-date, the colours have been adapted. A beautiful combination of perfect standard colours with super modern trend colours. Now in stock and immediately available.

We are happy to send you a sample! Check here the collection online.

Resistanz collection

Resistanz* jusitifies its name; it resists external influences and extends carpet life considerably. The special polyamide fiber has a large number of unique characteristics.

First of all the resilient fiber makes Resistanz carpet strong and light and colour fast. Is the carpet being installed in a room exposed to lots of sunlight? Then Resistanz is the perfect choice. This carpet can impossibly fade by sunlight. As installing this carpet with several  joints doesn’t result in colour differences either, colour of Resistanz carpet is being preserved from the start.

Furthermore polyamide fiber of Resistanz is anti-static and thanks to its shape also dirt resistant. All characteristics ensure this carpet to be able to stand a good deal. Cleaning agents do not affect colour and fiber. This even applies to harsh cleaning chemicals as bleach. Download the brochure!

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